Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)

Tai Chi is a Chinese Internal Martial Art famed for its slow, flowing movements that can be practiced as a gentle exercise, as a way of integrating body and mind, and can develop into an effective and athletic martial art.

The name refers to the two intertwined poles of the Yin-Yang diagram, which in Chinese culture represents the harmonizing and unity of opposites – slow and fast, soft and hard, inwards and outwards, dark and light. As a system of meditative martial exercise, it focuses on using optimal alignment with the ground for developing relaxed strength. This often results in more graceful movement and greater centredness and calm. As one goes further into Tai Chi as a martial art, the practise of Pushing Hands and other two-person training works on developing functional sensitivity – the ability to respond to an incoming force in a way that can utilize that force to unbalance an opponent.

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