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Wang Haijun doing 18 movement short form
Wang Haijun doing Single Hand Silk Reeling

Video clips of Luo Dexiu:

Demonstrating a variation of snake throw on me
Eight Palm Changes of Gao style Ba Gua
Xing Yi Five Elements


Luo Dexiu’s Bagua school website (English and Chinese):

List of Yizong Ba Gua instructors:

Chen style Tai Chi teacher Wang Haijun, including video sample of Old First Form (Laojia Yilu):

Gao style Ba Gua classmate Edward Hines’ website:

London Gao style Bagua School hosted by Nick Cumber:

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain:

Tim Cartmell’s site – Brazilian Jujitsu, Chinese Internal Arts, general fighting arts and training advice, with discussion board:

George Wood’s site with many resources and links to Gao Bagua in Taiwan, China and the West:

Niall O Floinn’s site for Chen Tai Chi in Galway, Ireland:

German site for Gao style Ba Gua: