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Ba Gua in Taiwan: 1993

This is some video footage from around 1993. Luo Dexiu is teaching some of the 3rd line of the Ba Gua linear forms in a park where we had our […]

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Sun Xikun Ba Gua Sword - Stab Down to Meet the Wind

Ba Gua Sword

There will be a workshop on Ba Gua Sword on December 4th, 2016 in Edmonton.¬†For more information click here (and scroll to the bottom). These are some photos of Sword […]

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Snake Throw

Ba Gua Performance in Paris

This video is of my Ba Gua teacher Luo Dexiu at a large demonstration in Paris in 2011. Performing along with him is my Ba Gua brother, Edward Hines. They […]

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William Tucker and Luigi Zanini

A Few Misconceptions about Baguazhang

CIRCLING: The first misconception is that Bagua in combat involves circling an opponent in the same way that we do circle walking practise. WAIT FOR OR INITIATE ATTACKS? The second […]

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Ba Gua

Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)

Baguazhang is named after the trigrams of solid and broken lines in the ancient and revered Book of Changes. Baguazhang is a Chinese Internal system that includes vigorous and mindful […]

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