Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)

Baguazhang is named after the trigrams of solid and broken lines in the ancient and revered Book of Changes. Baguazhang is a Chinese Internal system that includes vigorous and mindful martial arts training and quiet meditative practices. Bagua, as it is often called, is characterized¬†by the practice of Circle Walking, spiraling motions, and its emphasis on ‘whole body strength’.¬†Circle Walking combines the meditative constancy of circular motion with turning, spinning, and ever changing direction.

Like Tai Chi it has an emphasis on developing a relaxed strength from the middle of the body. Bagua training has slow smooth ways of moving, and also faster, dynamic movements, and maintains more of the martial emphasis than Tai Chi. The forms include eight short sequences called Palm Changes done while walking the circle. In Gao style Bagua there are also 64 short application moves which include strikes with open hand and fist, kicks, throws and trips.

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