Ba Gua Sword

There will be a workshop on Ba Gua Sword on December 4th, 2016 in Edmonton. For more information click here (and scroll to the bottom).

These are some photos of Sword form from Sun Xikun’s book, Ba Gua: The Authentic Transmission, published in 1934. My Ba Gua teacher, Luo Dexiu, found this lineage in the south of Taiwan while he was fulfilling his military duty in the mid-70s, and learned their Ba Gua including the sword from Sun’s student, Liu Qian. For a bit more of this history click here.

For more on Sun Xikun, check out this blog article.


Crouching Tiger Listening to the Wind – the first move from Sun Xi Kun’s Ba Gua Sword form


Golden Needle Enters the Earth


Boy Lights Incense

Liu Hai Teases the Cicada



White Snake Flicks Its Tongue


Phoenix Enters the Lair


Whip the Speeding Horse


Sage Picks Fruit

Withered Tree with Gnarled Roots - from Sun Xikun's Ba Gua Sword

Withered Tree with Winding Roots


Turn Around and Slash the Torso

sxk-Splitting Mt Hua

Splitting Mt Hua


Fisherman Asks Directions

sxk-sword White Goose spreads wings

White Goose Spreads Wings



Stab Down to Meet the Wind


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