About Gravity and Grace

william05William (Aarvo) Tucker went to Taiwan in 1981 where he began intensive training in Tai Chi with Liu Hsi-heng, who was the senior student of Cheng Man-ching, widely known as one of the early pioneers in bringing Yang style Tai Chi to the West. William trained with Mr Liu for 15 years until leaving Taiwan in 1997. In 1990 he began his study of Bagua with Luo Dexiu who was featured on the BBC ‘Way of the Warrior’ and was a national champion in Taiwan’s fighting competitions. William assisted Mr Luo on his teaching trips abroad, and took over teaching responsiblities for his classes in Taipei while he was away for extended periods. William’s third main teacher is Wang Haijun, senior student of Chen Zhenglei, one of the most famous Chen style teachers in the present day. Besides teaching workshops around Europe, William has translated and written articles for journals of Chinese Internal Martial Arts in Europe and North America. Since moving to Edmonton, Canada, he is active in the local Tai Chi scene, demonstrating regularly at Heritage Days and Chinese New Year celebrations.

Mei-Chi Chan also trained with Liu Hsi-heng, and with her husband William maintained Heaven and Earth Internal Arts, a Tai Chi and Bagua school in England for ten years.  They have held many  workshops and intensive trainings in England and Europe. Now that they live in Edmonton,  Mei-Chi is no longer involved with the classes, though she incorporates some Qigong work into her professional development training in social work and counselling settings. Her primary work can be viewed at psychotherapy/counseling practice.